Jewels Nile is a private small indoor only family home cattery in a non-smoking environment. We are located in the province of Ontario, CANADA.

Our Egyptian Mau cats are registered with "The Cat Fanciers Association" (CFA) and "The International Cat Association" (TICA). Our Egyptian Mau cats come from Grand Champion and Distinguished of Merit blood lines.

Our Cats can weigh anywhere from 9 lbs to 18 lbs once fully grown. We usually know if they are going to be smaller or larger Maus once they turn 2 months old. We specialize in Silver Spotted Maus but sometimes there may be a bronze or kitten in some litters.

We strive to run a virus free home cattery therefore prior to breeding our Kings and Queens we make sure they test Negative for Feline Leukemia, FIV, FIPV, Herpes and parasites. Please read the rest of our website for more information or contact us in our Contact page.






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