I can Not thank Jewel enough for bringing such an amazing Egyptian Mau into my life! I named her Echo after the character in Greek mythology with the most beautiful voice. I can honestly say I have never had a cat like her. She is so loving and gentle, has never bitten or scratched, and loves to impress with her acrobatic skills during playtime! I flew from Vancouver to pick her up. Jewel let me know exactly what I needed to bring, and got the medical certificate and provided kitten food for the flight. I called the airline to let them know I would be bringing a cat on board, purchased a carrier from Amazon and lined it with puppy pads in case of accidents. Everything went smoothly. I had been worried about taking her out of the carrier at the security screening, but was able to request a private room. She basically slept through the entire flight and the car ride home. The whole process was easy and 100% worth it. It took Echo just under a week to settle in. During this time she would hiss at me and hide away. Luckily Jewel reassured me that this was normal and that she would be a snuggle bug in no time. I gave her space and focused on bonding with her through play. One day she decided she suddenly liked me after all and has not left my side since. No more hisses, just beautiful chortles and mews and chirps! She hangs out in my home studio during the day while I am working, watches TV with my husband on the couch during the evening, and sleeps next to me at night. Both my husband and I are absolutely thrilled with her and how well she fits into out family. Thank you so much! Aimee and Echo from British Columbia, CANADA *************************************************************************************************** Good Afternoon Julia: It has been awhile since our last communication. Just wanted to say Hi from me and Cleo. She has become quite a cat, a real loving companion. I could not ask for any better. She rules the house. She loves to jump up on many things and chase things. She likes her 6 foot tree and she is watching from the top as I am typing this letter. She will be 1 year on May 5th. Plan to migrate her from kitten food to cat food. She likes Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness dry food. Still have her on 1 1/2 can of Royal Canin kitten wet food daily. She will supervise as I wash dishes or shave in the morning. Since the sun rises sooner, she seems to like waking me up just after 6:00. Cleo likes welcoming any company I get, always checking them out if they are suitable. Thank you for the care you have in raising the kittens and allowing me to adopt her. I hope to have another camera in May and will send you a good portrait of her. How are your new accommodations? I think you would be much happier away from Toronto, I know I would as I do not like big cities. Even Regina is now too big for me.Cleo and I say "Hi" and wish you the best, all we ask is for you to take care of yourself and the rest of the your family. Till Later. P.S. Received her registration papers from CFA a few months ago. Ron and Cleo Goyan, Regina, Saskatchewan *********************************************************************************************************** Hi Julia: Just a few words to tell you how happy I am to have Kheni in my life. I have had cats as far as I can remember but Kheni is truly exceptional. Not only is he beautiful but his personality is amazing, and that reflects your good work as a breeder. You raised a wonderful companion and were on top of everything until he arrived in my arms.Thank you!! Thank you for the papers. I got them and have been trying to write but it is the end of the semester and I am so tired that as soon as I lie down I go to sleep. Kheni is super adorable. When I get a kitty I lick their noses, something I learned a long time ago. But I must have overdone it with Kheni because he is obsessively bonded. After the disappearing act I expected to gain his acceptance and eventually affection with time but as soon as he emerged from under the bed he has been a shadow. And not a silent one either. He is very vocal and sounds like a baby crying when I move two inches away from him. As you can see now he is on my lap. The pink thing you see on the right is another Velcro boy, my Sphynx Dionisio. At first I thought he meowed because he missed his home and you. But if I hold him or let him be near me he stops. Occasionally he gets entertained with the other cats but he is more a persons cat than a cats cat. That said, there has never been a hiss from him or them. I want to post something praising him and you as a breeder but you must tell me how to do it. I read the testimonials but I ca NOT find the way to write there. I do NOT know if all Maus are as sweet as Kheni but he is a remarkable fellow. He is fine and eats well. I got him his Royal Canin but he also eats from the others, Science Diet or Blue. The wet one I get Blue and Science Diet also but I have to add a little of Fancy Feast or Friskies on top because they don’t like the good quality one that much. Kheni does like RC wet.Let me know how to write on the page and thanks for the beautiful boy. He is very very special to me. Best,After two days relaxing from the experience he emerged sweet and sociable. Likes me and follows me. Had a brief encounter with my cats and not a hiss. Salutations and welcome. He seemed to like them and made friends with Gatsby a fat orange cat that resembles Garfield. I keep him in a room by himself but when he wanted to have a tour I let him do it. Now he is my room-office and my Bengal Anco is keeping him company. He is a very nice kitty, beyond beautiful and I believe he is as happy as I am. I use pine pellets and he has had a little difficulty with that using a little Sherpa bed instead but he will get the idea. His poop is fine. He ate well both wet and dry. Let me tell you that the cargo place where they arrive is hell on earth. Poor guy with that noise and almost four hours in the plane before he was released to me and so many stamps and photocopies. More than with an immigrant. Well, guess he is one. Imagine they don’t have a card sweeper so they only admit cash. Luckily I had cash with me for the 60 dollars. In that place they have those carts that you see at Home Depot charged with merchandise from ten different airlines. At one point there was a pungent smell of fish. Outside there were like 20 rigs picking up those things blocking traffic and making noise. No wonder Kheni disappeared under the bed for 48 hours and ate at night. But I understand cats better than I understand people so I told him: it’s ok. Take your time. When you are ready meow and I will be there. I tiptoed inside the room to change food and water and tidy things up and left. Yesterday afternoon he meowed at the door and now life is back to normal. I am gathering dirty laundry and he is helping me. Best regards. MABEL and Kheni, MIAMI,FLORIDA :) ************************************************************************************************************* I have now purchased two fabulous Egyptian Mau kittens from Jewels Nile. My husband professes to hate cats, but these kittens completely won him over. I chose the breed (at my sons suggestion) because they attach themselves strongly to their favorite person. I needed to feel like a favorite person! My first girl, a silver, was loving and affectionate from the start. The only issue I had was that these cats are the fastest domestic breed of cat (clocked at 30 mph) and my first cat was a consummate escape artist. However, she quickly adapted to harness training. My second girl is a bronze, a little warmer in color. She learned her name in two days and has adapted beautifully to harness training - she is getting good at walking on a leash with the harness! (Leash attaches on her back, so no neck/choking issues.) I was second in line for her, because she hissed at another lady ahead of me, who then took a different kitten. I had her shipped from Toronto to Oregon, then she endured a four-hour drive to our home. Tough welcome! She hissed at us as sort of a startle reaction, but only until she got comfortable - now she purrs at the slightest touch and cuddles all night in bed. Jewels Nile clearly raises these kittens with lots of love, human contact, and careful breeding. Jewel sends pictures, takes care of spay/neuter and immunizations, and arranges transportation. Kittens come with a carrier and food. And once you research the breed, you know what to expect…. which isn’t always the case with other breeds. These cats will bring so much joy to your life, and are worth every penny! Thank you, Jewel, for the best companions one could ever hope to have. Karla Burton Bend, Oregon ************************************************************************************************************** RE;Tarik & Suri Hi Jewel, Thanks for your insight and you are right we do take excellent care with them. Our back yard is completely flagstoned and there is not any grass back there for them to get into dirt. They mostly chase each other, play, and lay in the sun. There is a table and patio furniture on the deck where they sit and watch the birds and squirrels. We take them to the vet annually for their appointments and have them examined thoroughly along with keeping up on their vaccinations. We have also kept up the Feline Leukemia vaccinations to protect them. These two are treated like royalty and we spend a great deal of time and money to make sure they stay healthy and have the best quality of life we can possibly give them. We feed them wet food and supplement that with dry food. We also give them dental treats to clean their teeth and we found these freeze dried chicken treats that they love and we buy those in quantity for them. We have a puzzle feed box for the dry food and treats which they have to work to figure out how to get the food out and that helps to keep them from eating too fast. They have the best personalities and are always so loving. As a matter of fact they have never been mean, nasty, or even had a bad attitude from the very first day they arrived and we are very careful not to allow anyone to interact with them outside of our family. They both have lots of energy and though we have spent a fortune on toys they seem to love playing in boxes and use them to hunt each other. One of their favorite things to play with is a drinking straw. We play hide and seek with them and they both have learn to open the bathroom and closet doors. When they first arrived we had them micro-chipped so we could have a level of comfort in knowing that if they were to ever become lost that they would be easily identified through the pet safe website and returned to us. The chances of them ever becoming lost are pretty much non existent because we take precautions and they are never allowed to be unsupervised outside in the back and one of us is always there to monitor them. It is such a joy to come home and see those little faces looking out for us in the window and also to see how excited they are to see us when they see us walk up to the front door. They watch us through the window until they see us start up the steps and then they run to meet us at the front door. If they are upstairs in the living room or dining room and we go down stairs they will meow and call out as they look for us till they hear us call for them and then they come running down to the bedroom like they can’t stand to be separated from us. They are very loved and enjoy cuddling and getting kisses and they get lots of attention and playtime. Take care, Jerry, Washington ******************************************************************************************* Right out of the box (9 1/2 weeks) Shakti has been a real delight. Obviously reared in loving hands, she breaks into a purr at first touch. As a cat owner for 26 years I can attest to her unmatched agility and strength. Now at 3 months she is able to jump higher, run faster and play harder than any kitten I have ever seen. Following a period of isolation she has bonded nicely with my resident cats. Her beauty and grace are receiving compliments galore. Many thanks to Julia for delivering such an exquisite feline into my welcome hands. Her cattery comes highly recommended by yours truly! Trevor, Brampton, Ontario (2013) ******************************************************************************************* What a great cat! He is so affectionate, so smart and so beautiful. We are thrilled and love him to bits! He played for 4 hours when we brought him home, and he has fully adjusted to his forever home. The Bengal Tesla, isn't keen on him yet, Bengal Tesla is being a bit difficult sulking in the basement, but I am sure he will be fine. He does not know it yet, but Gwaihir the Mau from you is going to be his best friend. We are taking the Mau to our vet on Wednesday night. I know he is fine, but it is the right thing to do. Breeding Egyptian Maus is your gift to the world! Thank you so much. Heather and Mike, and eventually Tesla the Bengal.(2014) ******************************************************************************************* Dear Julia, I would like to thank you for Pris (born 31 March 2013). She is the most beautiful cat we have ever owned, as well as being the healthiest and the most loving. On top of this, she is the most playful and interesting! She is doing really well, and I thought you might appreciate a little update. First of all, thank you for the Christmas Card and registration form. Is is really necessary that we register Pris, as she is our beloved pet, and will not be shown or bred? If it is necessary, could you please explain why? I will do so if you think it necessary. Also, I would very much like to have a photocopy of her parents pedigrees, only because my hobby is genealogy, and it would be nice to have Pris family tree too LOL. I realize you are out of photocopies right now, but maybe when you get some more could you send me a copy? I will send a stamped self addressed envelope if it will help with the postage. Just let me know what size and how much (will regular envelope and postage do?) She has a very healthy appetite. I am starting to limit her food intake a bit since she is now 8 months old and spayed, as I don't want her to blimp out and become a chubby pussy LOL. Right now every day she gets at least three quarters of a five ounce can of Petcuran Go high protein canned cat food, (some cans with grains and some without as my vet is suspicious of the latest fad to go totally grain free in cat food). She also gets one quarter cup of the dried GO cat kibble, again high protein, with some grains. Last month I weighed her at 8.5 lbs, and she looks to be a bit more than that now. I must weigh her again soon, but it means weighing myself too - something I am not too keen on doing right after Christmas hah hah! Her coat is very shiny and soft, and I think shes become a bit fluffier with the winter season. She hardly sheds at all! My previous Mau from many years ago (a Smoke) had an undercoat that needed to be brushed out regularly. Not so Miss Pris, at least not yet. She loves to play with her toys, and her favourite right now is a fishing pole with a brightly coloured fish toy on some elastic that I dangle and wave about. She loves to stalk it, and does spectacular leaps and jumps to try to catch it. I have taken to placing pillows around the furniture in case she crashes, not wanting her to hurt herself. She's a very long cat, as you said she would be, and covers the small distance from one side of our small room to the other very easily! She can leap down the basement stairs and into the room with just a couple of bounds, then up onto the window ledge where she enjoys watching the birds outside (she does not go out). One peculiar thing - she gnaws on metal objects sometimes, like kitchen cabinet knobs or the metal bedpost. I thought she might be teething, but can't see any evidence of this at her age. What do you think? I bought her a dog's chew toy, but one that has ingredients safe for cats. She seems to enjoy this, so I encourage her chewing on this instead. Pris is the first cat that we allow to sleep on our bed. I know that sounds like an obvious thing to some people, but we have always provided a bed for our pets outside our bedroom door, then let them in to greet us and play in a morning. Not so with Miss Pris! She was so attached to me as a small kitten that it seemed cruel not to let her in, and now she sleeps at our feet whenever she wants to. She even creeps under the covers sometimes as she loves to be warm. I must say she does not enjoy having much to do with visitors. She doesn't threaten them, but will quickly disappear. We do not have many people coming over these days for her to get used to people, so it's not her fault. She seems to be a one person cat, but will show affection to my husband if I am not around. She follows me everywhere, and climbs onto my lap or wants to be part of whatever I am up to. She even greets me at the door! I love this - she is the perfect cat for me, especially now that I'm retired. That being said, she can be very skittish. If I sneeze, or the doorbell rings, she becomes startled and leaps out of my lap. She seems to be very highly strung, but I suspect this is just her nature. Maybe male cats are less so, I don't know. Pris is the first female cat I've had. Pris is very intelligent, and learns quickly what we do not want her to do. In a very short time, a cautionary NO! from us is all it takes. That being said, she can be very insistent, especially when it comes to demanding cuddles (which she always gets!) and food (which I have to be a little tougher about LOL). She just had a nice long play session, so stretched herself out while having a rest. I am also including one of the first photos I took of her when she first arrived her last June. Thank you Julia! I wish you a very Happy New Year. Carolyn Filter Ontario, Canada ******************************************************************************************* Hi Julia I have been thinking about you as I have news for you regarding Wobbly and Sphynx. Wobbly remains as loveable as ever. Sphynx is now a lap cat! You may remember that Sphynx was always very timid and for months we could not pick him up or even catch him. We went through a huge renovation of the house in 2014 and lived in the basement for 9 months while the rest of the house was being renovated. The noise and commotion at times was incredible and there were strange people in the house most days. The cats spent a lot of time on the kitchen table as they could see all around them and take flight, if needed. Gradually Sphynx became more and more approachable as he was never harmed by the noise or the commotion, although one lot of workers left the doors open and they got outside. Now there is a contest as to whom gets my lap and neither is above nudging the other off. Of the two, Sphynx is the more beautiful as his eyes are very green and he has a sandy tinge which highlights his green eyes. Wobbly is the classic silver mau. Love them both to pieces. Bonnie British Columbia (2015) ******************************************************************************************* Hi Julia, I am not sure how I stumbled upon Jewels Nile Cattery when I decided to purchase an Egyptian Mau kitten, but it must have been the internet. I was wary of the distance - I am in Central Oregon and the Cattery is in Toronto, Canada! But Julia made everything work. She was prompt with the paperwork and completely honest and upfront about not only the price of the kitten, but the transportation expenses. I learned how to use Paypal in order to send her funds in Canadian currency. Julia sent me pictures so I could choose my kitten, and then more pictures so I could watch the kitten grow. She communicated with me regularly and never failed to respond to email. She also called me whenever I had a question that responding by talking rather than email would be preferable, and to keep me up to date on the shipping details. I have never had a more comfortable experience buying online. When my kitten was finally old enough to be shipped, Julia made all the arrangements. She set up the airline shipping and provided a quality carrier with a securely attached water container, and included a couple different types of kitten food to get the kitten started. She promptly let me know that I would have to pick the kitten up in Portland, as international shipping did not allow for a feeder flight to Central Oregon. Julia took the time to check in with me after the kitten arrived to make sure all was well. And yes, all is well! I named the kitten Jewell Grace, in honor of how impressed I am with her breeder. The kitten is a delight, litter trained and incredibly affectionate. She sleeps curled up to me, and her purr is louder than her meow. She learned her name in a few days. I have been taking her in the car and she is totally relaxed and comfortable. If you want a kitten that is polite, affectionate, cuddly, adaptable (she is already friendly with our two dogs, and plays games with the younger one!) and downright gorgeous, Jewels Nile Cattery will make sure that is what you get! I adore my Egyptian Mau kitten! Karla (2015) ******************************************************************************************* Jewel, > > You were the greatest! I owe you much gratitude for the love that has filled our home. It was a pleasure dealing with you over the many months before and since the arrival of our little ones. As you know through our conversations, I was skeptical after dealing with another breeder who was negligent and we lost our first set of kittens, the trust was all but gone. However, after a period of grieving we decided to take a chance and bring two new kittens into our family. Luckily after much research, I found you! I am very happy that I made contact, and that you were so understanding and patient during our talks during those months. You assured me during the months while we waited for the right set of kittens that you would go above and beyond to ensure the health and well being of any kittens we chose. I am very happy with the results and you did exactly as promised delivering us two beautiful healthy kittens. The care and devotion you provided them during their first months of life makes all the difference. Your efforts to socialize them shows in their temperament and results in little love bundles. I was amazed at how well mannered they were upon arrival. We immediately took them to the vet and had them checked out. The vet even commented to us saying >somebody really loved these little guys, referring to how well they had been cared for and we have had zero issues with their health in the 15 months since they arrived. The first week they would go under the bed at the foot as soon as the lights went out and we did not hear a peep until we called them out the next morning. What I am most impressed with is the female demands kisses and climbs upon my chest to lay while she gets it, but not before asking permission. Many thanks Jewel for taking such impeccable care of our little ones until you turned them over to our care. Your devotion to them has allowed us the pleasure of loving them and we are grateful you entrusted us to continue providing them the love and care you gave them during their first months of life. Anyone who finds you and earns your trust to receive one your precious kittens, in my opinion we have found the best. Thanks so much for all the time you took to help me heal after the loss of our first kittens. You helped me through a difficult time and I enjoyed our phone conversations very much. Thanks for your understanding and support, I hope that all the love and devotion you provide to your animals is returned a thousand fold to you. You were amazing and I am so happy that we crossed paths. You can rest assured that the kittens you entrusted to me are living in the lap of luxury. > > All the best, > > > Jerry, Virginia USA **************************************************************************************** We picked up our Egyptian Mau Girl from Jewels Nile Cattery in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We named her Suri. She got along with our dog after two weeks. They now lay together on the back of the couch. Great friends. Also suri follows me around the house. she lays on my lap all the time and also sleeps with me. We love her dearly Nancy, Ohio,U.S.A. **************************************************************************************** We bought our female "Silver Egyptian Mau" from Julia back in September 2013. Our little girl was born in the August 20th litter. We named our baby girl kitten Ma'at Khepri, after the Egyptian goddess of justice. Her name is pronounced Mah-yet. All throughout the months of waiting for kitty to be ready, Julia sent pictures, was honest about fees for vet checks etc. She contacted us even by phone a few times just to talk. She made us feel like we are all one big family. She is a very sweet and a loving lady. she puts so much effort into raising her furry ones, and it truly shows. When we picked up our kitten at the airport, and saw those spots, and those cute little eyes, it was love... these cats have so much to offer any owner, and so much affection to give. At the airport, so many were commenting on her beauty, and taking pictures with cellphones. Pictures do not do justice... to truly see one of these breeds of cats, is truly breath taking. {Uriel Malachi Morningstar} She is very sweet... we are amazed by her behaviour. No biting, no scratching, playful, cuddly, has a different look on her face, or a different meow for when she wants something. If you say no! about something, she goes ok, and leaves it alone. Very smart... walks into a room... stretches out her neck, and completely studies the room... then runs and bounces away like a Kangaroo. When we watch TV, she sits on the couch, and watches with us. She's very attentive. When we go to bed, we put her in the cat tree, and turn off the lights, she goes to sleep, and stays there till morning. She never scratches any furniture, or even attempts to touch blinds or windows. She points her nose at the window in the morning, and meows for me to open the blinds and let the sun in... she goes to the top of her cat tree, and sun bathes. She is an amazing animal, sooo sweet, and so well behaved, it is almost too good to belive. [THE BREEDER SPENDS THE FIRST 4-MONTHS BEFORE SENDING OUT EACH KITTEN, TEACHING THEM TO BE THIS WAY]--- THANK YOU "JULIA" OF {JEWELSNILE CATTERY}, YOU'VE DONE AN AMAZING JOB WITH HER. {Rhiannon Eirwyn Morningstar} I love how well behaved and sweet she is. I couldnt have asked for more in a kitten. She even checks if it's ok, by meowing, before jumping into my lap or anywhere else other then her kitty tree and litter box....the breeder did an amazing job raising her and im eternally thankful. One things for sure, if i ever need another kitty, I know who to call. Thank you Julia of JewelsNile for changing our lives forever... We at the Morningstar family thank you and love you dearly. Uriel & Rhiannon Morningstar Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada **************************************************************************************** Right out of the box (9 1/2 weeks) Shakti has been a real delight. Obviously reared in loving hands, she breaks into a purr at first touch. As a cat owner for 26 years I can attest to her unmatched agility and strength. Now at 3 months she is able to jump higher, run faster and play harder than any kitten I've seen. Following a period of isolation she has bonded nicely with my resident cats. Her beauty and grace are receiving compliments galore. Many thanks to Julia for delivering such an exquisite feline into my welcome hands. Her cattery comes highly recommended by yours truly! Trevor, Brampton, Ontario ********************************************************************** EGYPTIAN MAU FEMALE KITTEN BORN MAY 18,2011
I was looking for an EGYPTIAN MAU KITTEN to add to our family. I found Jewel and began the process of purchasing one. We already have a male EGYPTIAN MAU who is 12 years old, so we are well acquainted with the breed. My interactions with Jewel via e mail and telephone, were pleasant and informative. My first impression of Jewel was that of someone who loves this breed of cat. She was helpful and professional. Jewel was friendly, and a pleasure to deal with. The whole transaction went quick and smooth. Our little female EGYPTIAN MAU is healthy and displays all the natural traits of this breed. We are extremely happy with our kitten. When we decide to purchase another one, and we will, it will be from Jewel. I would highly recommend JEWELS NILE CATTERY. Carl Bowes Montreal, Quebec, Canada ************************************************************************* In the short time that we have had Bawati (our smoke boy) in our lives we are always filled with amazement with what he does. He has started to click his jaws sometimes when we get him to play with the laser pen light lol. It was so unusual to hear him make that noise at first but so cool at the same time. If he wants to be held he actually come and paw at your legs without using his claws. He is always wondering what I am doing when I get home so he has to be near me wherever I am, unless he wants to play with the other cats. I have to love him up first then play with him lol. There are even times when Bawati makes it so both my husband and I are loving him up. He makes effortless leaps and runs around the apartment like he is riding a bolt of lightning. Of course lol we have learnted to keep the toilet paper out of reach by now lol as it becomes his favorite toy. On a few occassions we have woken up to find it all over the place. We have a friend who brought his wife over to see him as he is considering getting one next year lol. Everyone that comes over to visit always has a favorable comment towards Bawati. My little man is almost 5 months old and I can't wait to see what he will look like as an adult. He is already so long and lean and muscular. I would not trade my little man in for the world. Debbie, Brantford,Ontario ************************************************************************** I was looking for an Egyptian Mau kitten and luckily stumbled upon your website. You had a little girl kitten almost ready for adoption so despite being a bit nervous about buying a cat on the internet, I took a chance and placed the deposit. I'm so glad I did! When I picked her up in Toronto, she was a bit upset on the trip to the airport, missing her sister and brother, but she was as quiet as a mouse on the plane to Thunder Bay. She was a little shy for the first few days but before long she was into everything, as a healthy kitten should be. She bonded with me almost immediately and loves my husband too. She is a joy to have as an addition to our family. Zahra sleeps snuggled up beside me all night, every night and loves to follow me around during the day. When she's not with me, she's spending time with our other cat, Noelle, who has an irresistible tail to chase. She's gentle, loving, healthy and extremely intelligent as well as beautiful, with her gorgeous spots and stripes. Thank you so much Jewel for our sweet girl! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your kittens to anyone. Linda Thunder Bay, Ontario

********************************************************************* I adopted my wee boy Siris on Labour Day weekend (2011) and I have to say it has been an absolute pleasure having such a wonderful kitten from the Jewels Nile Cattery. Siris bonded with me almost immediately and is so affectionate. I can certainly tell the care and love during his first 4 months with Jewel was top notch. He is so well adjusted and is quick to learn the dos and donts in the household. Siris loves to cuddle and sleep with me at night, which is really special to me. I am so looking forward the spending many years with such a wonderful little guy, many thanks to his excellent breeder Jewel. The Jewels Nile Cattery is highly recommended by me and I would gladly give a personal adoption reference to anyone considering an Egyptian Mau from Jewel. Please contact me via Jewel's email. Greg Toronto, Ontario **********************************************************************

Siamese Traditional Female Kitten
Meisha is the sweetest kitten and completely loves her mommy (me). She loves to snuggle, especially on my lap under a blanket and is waiting at the door every time I come home. She loves to be brushed and doesn’t mind having her nails trimmed. She loves people and loves attention, often jumping onto your shoulder without warning for cuddles. She flirts with the animals that she sees outside through the patio door, mostly cats, but I even caught her flirting and rolling over showing her belly to a skunk. She definitely is not shy and loves to be around people. She loves to play with her toys and plays fetch like a dog would. She is a little munchkin and has a nasty habit of eating wires, so all the wires in my house are now covered with wire protectors. She is a great addition to my house and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Alexandra, Aurora, Ontario, Canada.

Siamese Traditional Male Kitten
Misha's been with us for seven months now. He's the most loving, beautiful Blue Point Siamese kitty you could imagine. He came up to us for petting and play from the very beginning (9 weeks). Bright and inquisitive, he likes to lie across our laps and purr while we are watching TV! He sleeps quietly with us through the night. Misha is also friendly with other cats. He has a kitten brother, Soly. They love to roll around, play chase, and curl up together. Misha has never hissed, or used his claws, or been anything other than gentle and loving. We are so lucky to have him! Thank you Jewel, for raising kittens with such beautiful dispositions! He and Soly (Abyssinian) have just discovered they can jump on top of the kitchen cupboards by way of the counter. LOL. Soly jumped right down to the counter, then the floor, when we came into the kitchen -- he knew he shouldn't be there. Misha just looked down at us as if to say, "Now what? How do I get down?" We climbed on to the counter and lifted him down. More laughs. (They also like to turn their donut beds upside down and crawl under and move around. The moving donut beds look like little tanks -- or that cartoon where someone is inside an upside down garbage can and the can moves when people's backs are turned.
Allan and Daniel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Egyptian Mau Male Kitten
The kitten is absolutely wonderful. He is so affectionate, sleeps beside me all night, no matter what room I am in he follows me everywhere. Right now he is sitting on top of my computer watching me. He sits on the kitchen table with me while I eat my meals, sits on the kitchen sink while I do dishes, he reminds me of a little puppy, he is so beautiful his markings are outstanding. Everyone that sees him remarks how beautiful he is. I named him Jag. little Jag is delightful. the egyptian mau is a very affectionate kitty, they are so beautiful. He is very quiet in nature but loves to sit on my knee or lay beside me anywhere. Even if I have a nap in the afternoon he curls up right next to me & purrs & purrs. I find him such a loving kitty. He likes dogs, and is quite the social little guy, he goes to my sister, my niece & her boyfriend no problem, he sure doesn't seem to be at all shy! He likes playing with my plants on the window sill, so we are working on that one, he likes the way the leaves bounce back, but he is a kitten. He's just a doll. I am enjoying his company so much. He gets along great with my little teacup poodle, they play together alot both the same size for now. Jag is growing fast, he is putting on weight, he is a very good eater. Such a sweetheart, purrs & purrs, loves to cuddle. He even likes me to carry him around the room, he puts his paws on my shoulder, he even hugs me- amazing how he places both paws around my neck when I am carrying him around the house. Jag is looking at me with one paw over the computer screen, I think he wants to go to bed!!! I can't say enough about my little Jag, he is such a beautiful cat, the most affectionate cat & smart than any other cat I have ever known. He is delightful & wonderful company...he has never been shy with anyone. He gets along well with my little poodle & greets my friends when they come over, he never hides, he is a social little butterfly. He is just a treasure.
Marylou, Bolton, Ontario, Canada


Egyptian Mau Male Kitten,
December 2008. The kitten was just fine on the long trip from Toronto to Ottawa. He is perfect! I named my cat Amun-Ra! He is perfect! He is playful and very affectionate. That is probably because of the care he had as a newborn kitten from the Jewels Nile cattery. From an early age you can tell that he was exposed to human contact. This cattery might be small but it is pretty big in my books when it comes to the care and nurturing these special babies receive. My experience can best be described as follows. He was just fine on the long trip from Toronto to Ottawa. He slept much of the way and was just slightly upset when he woke up. Then he settled down and played with my fingers through the holes in the carrier door. As soon as I got home, I opened the carrier door and let him venture out by himself. I gave him food and water. He ate and drank a little bit because he had been fed during the trip. He took to the bedroom right away and climbed on the bed. He plays and runs all over the bed. He is very affectionate! When he gets tired he cuddles next to my chest and sleeps purring till there was no tomorrow until he is sound asleep. He does his full night and wakes up in the morning when I do. It has now been a few weeks since the “adoption” and nothing has changed. In fact, he plays even more with his toys! He runs around the condo, jumping and chasing for an hour or so then he gets tired, comes to me purring and wants to lie on the bed and sleep. He sleeps on the pillow next to my head or next to my chest. He is gorgeous! Again, I am convinced that, this type of affection is the result of the very personal care Julia gives to her “babies”. Thank you Jewels Nile cattery for giving me the privilege for caring for such a wonderful “baby!”.

André La Chapelle,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


RE: Egyptian Mau Kittens
Danielle, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 2007.
We purchased our cat, Isis, from Jewelsnile Cattery and picked her up at the airport a little less than a week ago. She is a very healthy kitten who is well socialized, loving, inquisitive, and a joy to have around. She is very good with our 2 toddler children and loves to play games with them. She also sits beside them and loves when they pet her or give her attention. She had no problems adjusting to our home and after the isolation period we introduced her to our cats and she had no issues with them and they got along great with her as well and after a couple of hours they were all sleeping together on the couch. We have found our experience with Jewelsnile to be a very positive one and are thrilled with our new Egyptian Mau kitten. She has been a great addition to our family and our experiences with Jewel have all been positive. Jewel has been great to deal with through our inquiry in answering our questions, returning our emails promptly, throughout the shipping process and also with follow up emails to see how Isis was doing. We would highly recommend anyone thinking about getting an Egyptian Mau kitten to deal with Jewel.
Sincerely, Danielle Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


RE: Egyptian Mau kitten
Edith, Toronto, Ontario, 2006.
Right from the beginning Rory had a big personality and a great deal of energy. He took to his scratching post right away, and has never damaged a piece of furniture. He quickly charmed my older cat, who adopted him and spent a great deal of time cuddling. Aside from his occasional irritation from having his tail pounced on, it was instant cat harmony. The dog took longer, but they sleep together a lot these days. Rory is very soft and silky. The vet says he is so smart, he seems human. When he went for neutering, the entire clinic was charmed. Overall, Rory is a great cat, healthy, beautiful, energetic, and affectionate.
Edith, Toronto, Ontario, 2006.