Thank You so much for visiting our Available Page unfortunately we don't have kittens at this time. We mate our Queens as per the amount of deposits we receive. Sometimes if there is an extra kitten available then we post him/her on here as available, if we don't have enough kittens as per our deposits then we mate another Queen or two, if we have a kitten staying here until he is older through no fault of his/her own and nobody takes him/her then we don't mate our Queens until said kitten has a forever home. :)

KITTEN WAITING TIME IS USUALLY 6 MONTHS TO A YEAR..Once we have your deposit here we will contact you everytime a litter is born to let you know if there is a kitten available for you in present litter or if you have to wait a bit longer..

IF you wish to be put on our waiting list please feel free to ask us how to send us a deposit, Deposits help us continue to provide Veterinary Care for our UNIQUE Rare Cats. "THE ONLY PUREBRED NATURALLY SPOTTED DOMESTICATED CATS IN THE WORLD".

Deposit for a Pet kitten is $250CAD, deposit for a breeder kitten is $500, this deposit will be put towards the kitten price.

Waiting time for a kitten is around 6 months to a year

Please email us at for more information or check out the rest of our website. Thanks! :-)