>>>WE ARE EXPECTING KITTENS IN FEBRUARY 2024 to be ready after April! THIS will be our last litter for 2024!

WE ARE NOW TAKING DEPOSITS to put You line for a kitten. We honour this sequence :)

For more information and past kitten PHOTOS? Please email(preferred) info@jewelsnile.net, jewelsnile@live.com or text anytime 416-910-6831 or check out our kitten info page or contact page..

DEPOSIT to put You in line for a kitten is $100, it's non refundable but can be put towards a future litter. (First deposits get more choices from new litters.)

Waiting time for a Kitten once your deposit arrives? If You have NO kitten preference example; colour or gender? You will get a kitten faster.. If You want a specific colour or gender then waiting time can be 1-2 years.. People with No preference will get a kitten faster....

PET/COMPANION kitten price $1500 CAD, Breeding Rights $2500.

ALSO SILVER Queen Bella, 6 years old, will be Retired from Breeding in 2024 after her next litter. $750 with a kitten,(You may spay her after kitten is weaned off!) You may pick both up when kitten is over 2 months old Vet checked with first vaccines or after QUEEN BELLA is already spayed $1500 and fully healed from her surgery. VET costs are high so that price will help me with that Veterinarian Charge. She will be spayed already and fully healed from her spay SURGERY!

Thanks! jewelsnile@live.com